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    Kermit, the visit.

    After a long awaited break from studying, I headed to the computer to have my online sessions of youtube.com , google.com, wikipedia.org and etc. . I started feeling hungry, so I had supper. Senses told me to clean up after myself. So yeah, what the heck. (the maid back in Indonesia for Raya and all.)

    So I left my chopsticks and plate in the bathroom to soak. Yes people, I do clean up after myself - I am a very hygienic person =). Well, as I was saying, After cleaning up after myself, i ter-kicked the tub filled with water which was for the dogs to drink. I heard a thumping sound. *thump, splash, thump*

    WTF!! There was a frog in my dog's drinking tub. So, hmm.. Another chore.

    Yes, It's taken by a camera phone. It's kinda blurry but you can tell its a frog, so.

    The situation got me thinking. How was I gonna lead Kermit out?

    So i brought the tub out and devised an ingenious master plan which involves me grabbing it with a plastic bag against its will and "chiong-ing" or rushing towards the door. Yes, that would work. 100% full proof. =]

    Oh FUCK!! The moment i got my hands out to grab that amphibian, it hopped out of the tub and into the thin slit in between the shoe rack and the wall. Grr, okay, fine whatever. Let's have it your way. I couldnt fit my hands through the slit. It was the width of an eye socket, seriously o.o
    Yeah, wth. Kermit is one big bastard. So I waited, and waited and waited. I was wondering if Kermit was dead. There was so much dust it there and it was so dry. I was afraid he would pass on. =( . SO, i lined up the tub outside the slit and poked him with an umbrella. Fair enough, he jumped into the tub which was filled with water. =]

    Amphibian, Shamphibians. I then got my brain juices flowing for a minute and ended doing this!

    Mwahahahhaha, now Kermit can't hop out neither will he know that he's being "rescued".

    I walked out the door and released out in the yard.

    Yes, and this was all done at about 3am. With a lot of swearing.

    Hope you guys enjoy!

    Peace out,

    Kermit the Frog.

    Wipe that smile off your face, thank you very much.

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