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    Crunch Time Tribute.

    And it's crunch time.

    Chemistry paper was today. Man it was tough. I do not want to talk about it. Next paper is English as a Second Language. Not planning to put in 100% effort, frankly. It's not a scoring subject. And soon after it's Math and Econs. Major killers that take up too much of your time.

    Not sure what I'll be doing after my TEE. Au revoir to most if not all of my Ausmat friends? It's been a blast - it still is. The memory of orientation still fresh at the back of my head.

    With all seriousness, here's a tribute to you 5+1 guys, like what I saw on Amelia's blog. Starting with :-

    Amelia : Yes, Amy Ho. First time seeing her in Pink? Didn't know who the hell she was - lol. Always with the "Omg, I could've gotten the other LouisVuitton bag" and "Yea man, chilling" . Yes, will miss you.

    Jon Mark : Haha, straight a1s for SPM? Intellectual chap - nothing short of a sohai, if you ask me. BUT being a sohai is not a bad thing at all. It deters an individual to have too large an ego. Will miss your puns.

    Kenny Kwan Kin Foong : Hahahaha. All around nice guy who always has your back. Modest like hell and will miss his pronunciations of various words. =] . We wouldn't want any Ah Beng - I mean that with respect and no harshness.

    Izul : The guy who speaks funny. Our future Prime Minister. Najib? No way, its Izul. For one main reason - guess,lol. ; ) . Random-ness flows freely when he's around. Did you know Galileo died a poor man?

    Ram : Ram is pronounced Rum, yes the alcoholic drink. Tall, dark and Indian, he's the one everyone turns to when they have questions. NO guarantee that they'll be answered correctly, though.

    Matthew : Mr.Leong a.k.a Mr.Happy-Go-Lucky. Couldn't find any other name more appropriate. The name says it all. His daily routine does not include anything with books and/or studying - and the grades pop outta nowhere. o.o

    On a lighter note ;
    A website i found from Sheng's blog.

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