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    Cili Padi.

    Great things come in small packages.

    Chili padi a.k.a Thai Pepper(I didn't know that, lol) is a very well known spice, if you could call it that, in this South East Asian region. Its name is derived from chili (duh) and paddy or, padi. Being really tiny, do not underestimate its intense heat.

    Just the other day, I was having my supper, had noodles and soup. Noodles tasted to damn delicious and the soup was simple scrumptious. Well, the soup was sorta spicy but we're Malaysians, we deal with heat and Cili Padi all the time.

    I was finish my soup and eating the bits of pieces of vege or whatever ingredients the out-of-this-world had to offer. UNTIL.. I bit 2 Cili Padis. The heat was so intense that I choked. HOLY SH*T.

    I seriously felt like this fella.
    My lips were as red as his x.x

    You know that feeling, when you choke on something and it goes down the wrong hole in the throat? Yerp, that one. The spiciness got magnified tenfold. I felt that my lips were on fire. Well, lesson learned. The hard way, lol.
    Lesson is, not to watch TV while eating, you'll never know what nasty things you might consume in the form of "nutrition".

    While enduring that hell of an inferno in my mouth, I swear i could've done what this guy could accomplish.

    Free As a Bird,

    P.S. Happy Birthday SheunYeow.

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