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    Anime and Korean Love Stories.

    What do both of them have in common? I mean, besides topping the list in torrent downloads. Well, there is a reason for being chart-toppers. Demand for anime and korean soaps are sky high, literally. Everyone's watching 'em.

    Yes, i watch them too. Not korean love stories, mind you, the latter. =] . You should check 'em out, take a peek here or here.

    Anyway, the topic on hand isn't anime. Why do people love anime and korean soaps? Escapism. Yes, that's right.

    Function: noun
    : habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine.

    So, yeah. You get the picture. Which element in hell do people escape to in anime episodes and soaps? Well, firstly, we are in Malaysia - where the weather is hot, humid and whatnot.

    Mm? Weather and escapism? Quote - "reality and routine". We just want a taste of something else, a breath of fresh air, if you may. Animes and Korean soaps give you that whole lotta space to breathe and ultimately, escape.

    Anime has detailed art and Korean soaps have pretty boys that make your heart melt, well not mine, of course. Back to that concept of fresh air. Think of fresh air as good food.
    Once you have tasted good food, why'd you want to eat plain ol' boring food? Makes sense now, doesn't it?

    Animes and Korean soaps don't really portray the harshness of everyday life. Occurences don't really add up or defy the laws of physics. Yes, getting shot 3 times does not results in death.

    Anyway, both of them have good setting as in, the characters are in a super beautiful town with beautiful people having no problems at all. BULLSHIT. Everyone has problems, no matter how insignificant.

    So, yeah, besides good looking characters living in a perfect town/village/suburb, the characters also probably defeat the odds and starts fostering uncanny, extraordinary powers. o.O

    Well, seriously, in anime, most of the time, the characters have superhuman abilities or are having love interests, as part of the plot. Korean dramas? One word - MELODRAMATIC.

    The girl that the main character loves is suffering from a super rare disease and she's dying. 100% guaranteed death. The main character wisks her off to give her a night to remember. Yeah, and it ends with them kissing on top a a ferris wheel right before she dies. What The FUck!?

    Despite having unrealistic circumstances and outcomes, it gives us a pathway to leave the hustle and bustle of routines, well temporarily, at least. I guess that's why we really like them, to escape or to be engrossed in a world filled with fantasy - if you could call it that.


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