And I'm Thinking,

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    My first.

    I'm in the Ausmat staff room where the lecturers are wrecking havoc on each other. Like seriously, Jay is practically pulling Ms Priya's hair out with his bare hands. Ms Ruba, on the other hand, standing a foot next to me is "explaining" as to why the answer is a and not b. This is stupid, Jon and I are extremely famished. Our walls of our stomachs are being digested as I complete my post. The acid in our tummy's are at an extremely low pH. Apparently, Kf wants to foos and "7" - if he can, although he's sorta dense, LOL.

    I am blogging about crap. I think i should change my title to 40 shades of GAY.

    Will update regularly?
    With love,

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