And I'm Thinking,

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    Mengejar Mimpi.

    Yup, I'm home now, back from dinner. The TEE paper for chemistry is on the 2nd - its the 31st today. I don't really do well for my exams but I want that to change =) . I just realized how gay that sounds. Well, i can't blame myself. It's peer pressure if you ask me.

    I'm staring blankly at my computer screen deciding on my options on tertiary study. The initial aim was Pharmacy. And you people know how tough that is =] . I'm gonna rule that out. Plus when i get back, it's an additional 4 years for the government. Degree + government grueling 4 years = 8 years. Which is ridiculously long.

    SO, I decided to end up doing a plain BSc. =] . I need a TER of 85 to enter Melb. U. which I don't think is a long shot. But dad says the cost of living in Melb. is really high. But if I work, it'll cut the cost. It doesnt really matter how high the standard of living is if you work, actually. Think about it. In communities where the living standard is high, they end up having a bigger paycheck and spending more as prices of goods are high. So.. yeah, my point exactly.

    Unless there's a ratio for income gaining and income spending - that of which I am oblivious to.

    Gonna RO now, Yes you heard it. Ragnarok Online =] . When my TEE is in 2 days time. It's okay. Not that studying makes my marks go up ANYWAY.

    Catch you guys later,